A Guide to Blue-and-White Ceramics in China and the Middle East, From the 9th to 19th Century

A History of Blue and White is a museum guide for the Asian Civilisation Museum, focused on demystifying the origins of blue-and-white ceramics. Contrary to popular beliefs, blue-and-white ceramics came from the Middle-East instead of China. But with international trades and changing trends in both countries during the period of 9th to 19th century, China slowly became the biggest manufacturer of blue-and-white ceramics. 


The guide begins in the Tang Shipwreck Gallery, where visitors are questioned on the origins of blue-and-white ceramics as they inspect the ceramics recovered from the shipwreck. The guide then leads them into the Maritime Gallery - Chinese and Middle Eastern Ceramics, where they learn the events that largely contributed to our perception of blue-and-white ceramics today.

For visitors who are keen to expand their knowledge on the topic, a pamphlet is found on the last page of the brochure, which will bring them to the rest of Maritime Trade gallery containing ceramics from all around the world influenced by international trades.

Brochure Dimension: A5

Pamphlet Dimension: W 200mm x L 402mm

Year of Production: 2019

Collaborator: Clara Teh Ke Wei